TOP 10 of the happiest professions! Why study them?

Hello, how are you?

But… how are you, really?

That was not a rhetorical question, we really want to hear from you. So, let’s go deeper, are you happy?


Calm, that’s normal! It is almost common sense that we find happiness in small moments of the day and that it is impossible to be in fullness and satisfaction. But there is a truth that is difficult to avoid: we pursue our happiness, pleasure, well-being, physical and psychic balance every day of life. And do you know which sector has great responsibility in all this? Our profession. So, wake up your Dopamine and Serotonin, call Oxytocin and awaken Endorphins that this fantastic quartet is the one who makes us happy and smiling at home and, of course, at work!

10) Production Engineering
Not so exact, not so human. Do Production Engineering people appear on this list because they manage to bring together the best of these two worlds? It may be one of the factors, but not the only one. With vast analytical knowledge and good management skills, the professional in this area interacts with the company globally and actively in contact with customers and suppliers. Summing up? The Production Engineer is involved in everything that is operation, logistics and planning. And perhaps because you are so involved, you have the security and self-confidence to always deliver the best of yourself – generating that basic happiness of a successful day.

Why should I study?
If you have a multifaceted profile and want to learn disciplines ranging from calculations and technological chemistry to management of services and industrial costs, a degree in Production Engineering may be the tool you need to develop new skills.

9) Pharmacy
Right in the middle of a pandemic, news that corroborates the importance of pharmacy professionals. Research released by the Pharmaceutical Products Industry Union (Sindusfarma), showed that the first half of 2020 was the best for the area in three years. This means a growth of about 40%, that is, Pharmacists have an expanding job market and, because they combine professional vocation with the maintenance of the well-being of others, they seem to have found the right formula to work with more pleasure and joy.

Why should I study?
Do you see yourself as a leader capable of implementing procedures, researching solutions and solving emerging health-related problems? If you said yes and, in addition, you are curious about disciplines such as cell dynamics, parasitology and drug production, you need to direct all of that towards graduation in the area.

8) Psychology
Appointed as one of the main professions in the post-pandemic future, Psychology has the important role of supporting and maintaining our mental health in these difficult times. Many people have experienced or are still experiencing some difficulties as a result of this, be it personal, family or professional. We know that it is not easy to overcome so many barriers without professional help and that is why psychologists are also on the list. It is clear that helping others is a two-way street: it is good for the patient and even more so for the professional, who sees in their daily practices the opportunity to help minimize developments that are so harmful to the health of society.

Why should I study?
Philosophy, theories, psychoanalysis and practical activities. If you imagine yourself studying these disciplines and acting in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of emotional and personality disorders, a Psychology degree will expand your skills making you the professional that the market prioritizes.

7) Cinema and Audiovisual
With an interesting particularity, the Cinema and Audiovisual area illustrates in the final product the passion and delivery of the professionals involved in the production of the play. The photography used, the colors chosen, the trail, the script, everything is part of a whole driven by creativity, art and, of course, talent. Generally geared towards entertainment, pieces such as animations, feature films and short films, commercials and video clips are the ideas of an accomplished professional… and very happy!

Why should I study?
You can’t wait to understand textual narratives, you are curious about animations and the production of scripts is a subject that moves you? So you need to find out more about the Cinema and Audiovisual course.

6) Physical Education
Representing Education as a whole, Physical Education professionals appear on the list in the same context as areas such as Health: it is by giving themselves to others that job satisfaction is achieved and, with that, happiness. Attention to the student’s health and well-being are daily goals of these professionals who can work on several fronts such as schools, gyms and in one of the fastest growing markets, the personal trainer. It is worth remembering that physical exercises are great stimulants of the hormones of happiness, so everything makes sense here, right?

Why should I study?
More and more people are looking to achieve a healthy lifestyle. And it is precisely this search, for a better standard of living and aesthetics, that warms the area of ​​Physical Education. In addition to this possibility, it is common to find professionals specializing in Sport Psychology, Acupuncture, Sports Training and even Sports-oriented Marketing! Adventure sports and tourism are also areas that these professionals absorb.

5) Technology Area
They are so happy that it is impossible to list just one course. Represented by the Technology macro area, the graduations that involve digital and the universal language of computers appear in the TOP 5 with real chances of reaching better positions. This is because salaries in the area are striking, opportunities are constantly growing and there are still great international opportunities for those who want this future. Although the work involves a certain amount of tension, especially with regard to information security, everything indicates that professionals in the field know how to get around this without major problems – and with that smile on their face.

Why should I study?
The variety of the area allows you to choose exactly what you are most interested in. Systems Analysis and Development, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and even Control and Automation Engineering are graduations that have technology as a raw material and each one directs its activities to a specific use.

4) Writing Area
The poet Cesare Pavese (1908-1950) once said: “It is good to write because it brings together the two joys: talking to one another and talking to a crowd” It is almost illustrated that we prove that writers, writers and other text professionals work happily in their crafts. Despite a certain loneliness when it comes to producing, it is when the audience is impacted by arousing emotions that we can say that the work is done! A handful of imagination and a new world is created. A news scoop and powerful empires fell, as did others. Writing is a powerful tool for freedom of expression and it seems that people in the field are very happy and aware of this responsibility.

Why should I study?
If you like to write and plan to make it your daily job, courses like Journalism and Advertising and Propaganda offer disciplines for those who want to improve writing techniques. Each with a specific focus on the area. While in Journalism you use more analytical knowledge, in Advertising it is creativity that shows the way.

3) Physiotherapy
We spoke earlier, and it is worth repeating: professions in which it is necessary to donate to others makes a big difference in the feeling of happiness and daily satisfaction. Generally acting in difficult moments in the lives of their patients, Physiotherapists have the necessary technique, attention and patience to see who is in their care to overcome physical and mental barriers. In addition to a great bond of respect and gratitude that is installed, professionals in the field have the chance to actively see and intervene in human evolution. It must be the pride of seeing someone overcome themselves that makes these people happier.

Why should I study?
If you are interested in subjects such as the treatment and prevention of disorders related to human movement and its functions, and you have a certain curiosity in disciplines that address cell dynamics, defense systems and human posture analysis, you don’t need to think too much: you are with a foot in the course of your life.

2) Energy and Sanitation Areas
From the fastest growing areas in the world, sectors of renewable energy and sanitation arrive on our podium with opportunities so incredible that they have made professionals in these segments very happy. Did you know that, in 2020, Ceará set a record in solar energy production? This means that the market is eyeing experts in the field and that the growth trend is a fact. The same occurs with Environmental Engineering and several other areas that study using nature’s raw materials consciously and to our advantage.

Why should I study?
Sustainable development has been on the agenda for some good years and does not seem to be losing strength. Proof of this is the constant growth of almost all areas that involve the subject. Renewable Energies, Environmental and Sanitary Engineering and even Electrical Engineering are graduations that address these themes and have great opportunities in the area.

1) Financial Area
Did your calculations not know this result? It is good to recalculate, because the numbers draw attention. Financial professionals are happy, they are in the TOP 1 and who judges? It is the closest to large amounts of money that many of us have come to (so far, right?). But don’t go thinking it’s just a smile: managing these amounts is hard work and requires good analytical and decision-making skills from the professional. Ah! There are those who say that good placement in the ranking is about the joy of receiving generous commissions. It’s super understandable to be happy to be well paid for the work you do, isn’t it?

Why should I study?
If you imagine yourself leading an organization, managing people, making big decisions and executing planning and analysis strategies, we need to tell you that you have the happy ideal profile of the financial area. With an extensive labor market and intense transformations caused by digital, it is common to find very challenging opportunities. Whether in the course of Administration or Accounting, this is the area for you who want to combine a successful professional future with happier days at work.