How to do group work, even in times of social isolation

Generally, group work works when the team meets to discuss activities and tasks. However, how to adapt this format in times of social isolation?

Group work is fundamental in our daily lives, after all, we are sociable beings and many of our activities are directly related to other people. That is, group work done at school, at work, in the family or community, plays an important role in our development personal.

At school, working as a team is part of every student's life. And regardless of how the group is formed, there are always ways to make the most of it to evolve and learn more with colleagues. After all, this is a good opportunity to develop the ability to deal with diverse opinions, as well as the ability to relate with other people, learning to create creative solutions to problems.

Oh! Another important point is that through these works we can develop the empathy skills and also socialization skills. Therefore, the student is not being prepared just to present material to a teacher and class, this format allows preparing the individual for life as a whole - mainly, for the professional area, for example.

However, how to work together with colleagues on a specific project in the midst of a pandemic? Just as we had to adapt to the classes, it was also necessary to adapt other study formats. And group work was not left out. See, below, how to make it work! How to do group work, even in times of social isolation.

Group Work: Tips for Optimizing Performance

In social isolation or not, there are certain attitudes and effective actions with regard to increasing productivity and optimizing the performance of the group. In person or remotely, following these steps will facilitate the group's performance and the completion of tasks.

Set the Group Size

If this topic is not defined by the teacher, it is up to the students to make that decision. A large group may not work very well without good leadership. However, a group that is too small can become overwhelmed if the activity is too time-consuming. In any case, the size of the group or what roles will be involved in the project should never be an arbitrary decision. On the contrary, this is one of the most important parts of the strategic planning of a group work.

Responsibility of Each Member

Nobody likes to do what they can't do. So, when it comes to different roles within a team, invest in dividing tasks by competence. Each one is responsible for what they do well and if no one performs a certain task this is the time to learn together. This is also the time to choose a leader or members of the leadership.

Create Challenging Goals

Goals and objectives are important decisions in a group. That is, without them it is impossible to measure performance or achieve what they want in the project. In this way, they help to motivate the individuals in the group and push tasks in the best direction.

Efficient Communication

Nothing works without good communication between people and group work is no different. Therefore, it must be clear to all group members what their responsibilities are, what to expect and what they need from others.

Limits and Deadlines

The team leadership must be attentive to the stipulated parts schedule and delivery deadlines. After the tasks are distributed, it is common for some members to exceed the established limits and miss deadlines. Therefore, it is important to charge the parties involved and organize the delivery of the project.


The efficiency of group work depends directly on open communication, harmony between the members and clarity of communication, as we have already established. One of the most important responsibilities of the leader is, therefore, to make himself available to solve any doubts and problems.

Working in a Group During the Pandemic

In the period of social isolation, nothing better than the internet to bring people together and carry out tasks. Use technology in favor of the group. Thus, through applications, it is possible to improve performance and have control of everything that is being done. Confused about which tools to use? See this list!


This tool came to make life easier for students. Dropbox stores any type of file in the cloud and allows sharing. Thus, with a group account, for example, members can store research, images and material collected and can be accessed from any device connected to the internet.

Google Calendar

Google has a number of extraordinary tools and Google Calendar is one of them. There's nothing better than getting organized with precision. Thus, creating a specific calendar for the group is easy and fast, in addition, all dates are available to everyone, as well as each event created, where all members receive invitations.

Facebook and WhatsApp Group

Want agility in communication? Then bet on Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Through the groups on these social networks, you can post updates, send images, videos, post updates, messages and create an instant communication channel. Quick and practical to solve everything from a distance.

Do you want to increase the chances of doing good group work? Invest in the organization from the start. In this way, having problems along the way can be reduced considerably.

Planning, organization and, above all, alignment of objectives are essential points for successful group work. Even more now in social isolation. This is the format adopted in this period and the adaptation is part of. In addition, even those who don't like tasks done collectively can take the opportunity to develop essential and valued skills in the job market, such as leadership, team spirit and the ability to work with others. Good studies!

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