5 benefits of doing a postgraduate degree abroad

In addition to transforming students into competitive professionals for the job market, a postgraduate degree abroad can also bring numerous personal benefits. Check out some of the main benefits that the program can bring:

1. Personal development

Studying abroad requires students to be able to adapt to unexpected situations and different cultural practices. In this context, a postgraduate degree abroad can help to expand horizons and acquire skills such as resilience and flexibility of adaptation, characteristics highly valued by the job market.

The wide view of the world acquired when exposed to a different culture is also valued by companies, especially multinationals, who consider that these professionals are able to face global challenges in the work environment.

2. Strengthening leadership skills

The style of management and leading differs according to the culture. A postgraduate experience abroad can help to gain a better understanding of different leadership and management styles that exist around the world, which is great for those who want loads in multinationals, which have a culturally diverse environment. “Doing a postgraduate degree abroad is a competitive advantage that predominates in selection processes for management, since one of the great challenges of world leaders is to work with people of different cultures, values ​​and beliefs”, says Lucia Neves, Resources manager Human Resources of STB – Student Travel Bureau.

3. Consolidation of language skills

As much as the student has mastered the language, a postgraduate degree abroad offers the opportunity to have contact with the language of a particular country in a broader way: at social and academic levels, consolidating as their language skills. This can be enhanced in cases of internships and field research, which also involves knowledge of technical and specific vocabulary.

4. Networking

Classes take on a new cultural dimension when studying with people from other countries. Much more than bringing social benefits, this coexistence brings professionals who are immensely valuable. “The networking done during this period is extremely important for insertion in the job market”, says Lucia. This is because the exchange of experiences that begins in the classroom can end up becoming a big deal in the present and even in the future, with indications for jobs and partnerships in other countries.

5. Internationalization of the curriculum

In order to always have the best employees, many companies seek talent around the world. “A postgraduate degree abroad adds international strength to the curriculum, proving that the professional is able to make commitments anywhere in the world”, says Bruno Contrera, manager of Universities and Courses at STB – Student Travel Bureau.

For this reason, studying abroad makes the professional stand out in the job market, demonstrating that he has skills that can only be acquired through experience. Thus, there are great chances that the professional will have a major career upgrade after a postgraduate degree abroad.