Entrepreneurship: Don’t delay, you need to start now!

Every entrepreneur – and anyone with a desire for an entrepreneur – has one thing to keep in mind: the important thing is to start!

I gave a lecture to three people, as well as a lecture to five thousand people. So, I know that every beginning has a challenge, there are uncertainties, fears. But the important thing is to get on the road.

I always say that there is a maximum of entrepreneurship that says that done is better than perfect, and done is better than not done.

So, it’s important to keep this in mind, that the important thing is to start, the important thing is to get on the road and walk.

And that’s how we build stories, brick by brick, grain by grain, plant the first seeds. There are a lot of people who don’t plant and then don’t know what to harvest, and there are people who plant, but it doesn’t water, that is, no plant survives if it doesn’t have maintenance, put in a little water, some need a fertilizer, some must pruning, cutting, and that’s how it grows.

These are laws of life that apply to everything, including entrepreneurship.

There is a metaphor for bamboo. The first year you plant bamboo, it comes to nothing; not a second does he give anything; no third party does he give anything; no rooms, nothing; and in the fifth year alone it grows 25 meters.

And then if you go there to see the bamboo root, the Chinese bamboo, it went up below, it went up a lot, it has a very strong root. It is precisely this root that is capable of supporting all 25 meters of bamboo.

And, statistically, SEBRAE itself applies that as successful companies that survived, most break or give up in the three, four, because even the fifth year is challenging.

You, as an entrepreneur, will have several processes and suddenly, uncertainty, failure, get hit here, get it right there, and that way you will build your foundation to build your empire, your castle, on top of a solid structure that can support what you’re building throughout your career.

So it is important to take the first step. Facing these challenges, uncertainties and insecurities, looking with focus on your purpose.